Landscape Urbanism Field Work: Ca Mau, Vietnam

Design Research Questions:

  • How is the water structuring the territory AND daily life: in other words, what are the (cultural, social, economic) practices in and around the water (and this on different scale levels)?

  • How does life (living and moving) inscribe itself in the logics of the domesticated landscape? What are the settlement patterns and how are they affected by the city’s rapid modernization, motorization and the aspirations and expectations of modernity?


 Field Work Sample pdf (zip file) 

Field Work: Urban Fabric Ward 5/6 


Site 1:

 Camau’s dynamic transformation is constantly being argued in double fields of tension; the formal versus informal, new versus old, big versus small, modern versus traditional. Here , large banking investments , communist party establishments , large road infrastructure investments replace, retrofit and juxtapose existing informal tissue and old pedestrian accesses to usher a new urbanity.