Physical Divisions Create Invisible Divisions: The Economic Desegregation of the Schools Districts

Chapter two of The City Assembled: Elements of Urban Form through History, by Spiro Kostof, focuses on the historical accounts of division within the urban city. What I liked most about this chapter was the connection between urban divisions and the culture of the city. The relationship between built environments and social structures is one of the main reasons I wanted to study design. I have always found the two interactions very interesting. The physical division within a city can (directly and indirectly) affect the social invisible divisions within the city, whether it’s intentional or not. “Urban divisions can also come about independent of- or even despite- the apparent intensions engraved in the city’s structure, or can develop within a formality smart neighborhood, or when the forced departure of a particular group, like the evacuation of the Jews from Alexandria under Nasser, radically transforms the internal makeup of the city “ (Kostof, The City Assembled: Elements of Urban Form through History , Page 72)

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