Zen Heart

So, I started reading Zen Heart by Ezra Bayda again.

It is very strange but I have started reading this book like 20 times since buying it last january. I remember the day I bought this book. I was on a date and we spent hours going through every inch of the bookstore (good times).

Up to that point I had always used the word zen, but I never truly understood what having a zen heart truly ment. Buying this book was supposed to begin my "year of enlightenment". The weird part is I could never get past the first few chapters. I think the book will be more affective this time around.

The book is split into three phases: " the Me Phase of practice",the phase of Being Awareness", and " the phase of Being Kindness".

It was very hard for me to tackle the first phase in the book. Ezra  made it clear that the phases of a Zen Heart wont be concrete levels,  in other words I might be in the section phase and be fully aware of  the first (Which made a lot of sense to me).


I started reading the book again this week. While in  "the Me Phase of Practice", I find myself feeling very uneasy. Going through this book section will take me a couple of weeks, but I think it will be worth it in the end. I keep reading over the same chapter within "the Me Phase of Practice" section. I really want to focus on learning all i can from each sentence.

I have declared that this year would be called the year of self discovery! I think this book will give me a new and unique perspective on life. I would really love to adopt a lot of the practices from this book. For example, I used to meditate once every month for clarity. I committed to meditating every morning during the next year. I love the concept of starting my day with a clear mind.

I know this will be a great book!