What are your values?

What are your values?

I was in a Journalism lecture on Thursday and I really learned a lot about myself. The speaker (Frank Prince ) told us to find a career that allows us to promote our values and principles.

The speaker asked us to pick 5 values from a 30 word list. After picking the values we ranked them in order of importance.

This was my list






It was interesting to see what I valued in life. It was hard to pick only 5. After picking five he gave us 4 scenarios. At the end of each story we had to give up a value or lose our lives (dramatic huh? lol). At end of the exercise our main value was "reveled". This was my new order






I thought the lecture deserved further investigation so I had a conversation with my boyfriend. It's funny, I never thought I would meet my other half until this man came into my life. He gives me great perspectives on different issues, and today was no different.

I asked him what were his top five values. It's no surprise that he didn’t like only picking 5. Eventually he picked five values. He told me that he hated games like this because he believed that you shouldn’t have to compromise on your values. He said picking between his values would be like asking him to pick between  his twin siblings.

He hated the idea of compromising. That is why I love this man.

You should never compromise on your values. Specially in the work force. I want to be significant in life. I would never want my success to be a result of compromising my values.