The Idea of Being Somebody.

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22-year old James Drakeford is not the average Ohio State University student.  Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio , Drakeford is very thankful for his experiences and his unique point of view. “I grew up in the inner city, [west side to be specific] but attended private schools pretty much my whole life. I’m glad I grew up the way I did because I was able to see several completely different lifestyles. My experiences let me see life through different perspectives and for that I am very thankful," said JD.

Drakeford is the creator of the inspirational website ' The Idea of Being Somebody.'

'The Idea of Being Somebody.' first began as an Idea while Drakeford was student teaching at an elementary, November 2011. Drakeford launched the website February 15th 2011 with hopes that it would be a service to inspire people.

"I wanted to do something that would educate and bring awareness to things that often go unnoticed. So I thought of  'The Idea of Being Somebody.',a psychological transformation from doubt to confidence, from simple mindedness to critically thinking...etc," says JD.

Drakeford believes that this website can be less of a project and more of a movement geared towards the underdogs. His vision was to create a movement that would inspire hope to the oppressed, people in low social classes, people being taken advantage of, the misguided and the unaware. His vision of hope was simple, " We can overcome anything we encounter on earth with the right mind, "  says JD.

While it may seem that Drakeford has it all together, he still admits that he is still working on constantly expanding his mind. "Many people have psychological inferiority complexes and don’t even know it. I think our minds are the most important thing of all. Everything we do comes from a thought. To ‘be somebody‘ I have to think I’m somebody first,"   says JD.

'The Idea of Being Somebody.'  is about changing the way we think, from fear to confidence, inferior to the all powerful, simple to critically thinking, ignorant to knowledgeable, from negative to positive. The hardest thing to change is someone's mind. But once you go through the ‘psychological revolution' there’s no turning back, and that’s a great thing. I feel great because I KNOW I can do anything I want,"  says JD.

The Website is filled with tons of content that Drakeford believes to represent 'The Idea of Being Somebody.'. Drakeford's goal is to  upload content that will help someone grow psychologically. Drakeford believes that you can learn from anything and tries not to limit growth to a certain criteria.  As of now the website is filled with interviews, lectures, music videos, pictures, quotes, songs and real life stories. "So if I see something that people can learn from, and something that will help people grow more...I put it up. BUT I do purposely focus on things that relate to our thinking and our education the most," says JD.

'The Idea of Being Somebody.'  features  tons of amazing interviews from regular people doing positive things in their lives. Through the website JD expresses that  you don’t have to be famous to be praised or recognized. "I think we can all learn from each other, its great to hear people’s stories and hear what they see for their future," says JD.

James Drakeford is constantly thinking of ways to improve the website and hopes to launch 'The Idea of Being Somebody.' national wide. "In a perfect world I’d like for it to help make everybody’s life better [he laughs] I just want the IDEA to spread to as many people as possible...I definitely won’t put any limitations on it," says JD.

*I was truly inspired by James and his movement. After this interview I was reminded how easy it can truly be to put yourself in a box and not make the most of a negative situation.  We all have insecurities. At one time or another we believe that we are less capable than others. I really hope this idea continues to grow. This movement is needed and I am glad to have the opportunity to be inspired today.

I guess it is true…(get ready for a cliché comment)  The mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Visit The Idea of Being Somebody and follow the IDEA on twitter @CantWaitAnymore  #TIOBS