Moving On... Cap&Gown

This Thursday I had my last meeting as Editor in Chief of The Crucible. It was weird.  I worked so hard to start this publication that  it was bitter-sweet passing it along to my successor.  While I have no doubt in my mind that she will make this publication bigger and better than before. Still, I am sad to leave my baby (The Crucible).

 Everything has a season. Creating a publication promoting diversity on a university where diversity is slim to none, was not walk in the park. I know that this is only the beginning for The Crucible and I am excited to see where this publication goes the next few years.

 As I move on to the next chapter in my life, I know that I will be ok. It's very easy to go the safe route in life because of fear. Fear has been a big downfall for me the last few months. I was reminded today that I need to not doubt myself. There is going to be a million people who may doubt you. It's up to you to continue to have confidence in yourself!

I am excited about my future. This Cincinnati Native will continue to work hard on this next chapter of life (New York City). I will never let fear or self-doubt slow My Agenda!