Success Planning

I came across this success planning worksheet while cleaning my room this afternoon. I wish I could give you the source but I received the sheet during one of my nonprofit training while in my apprenticeship. Thank you Public Allies!!


Whatever your life plan is and whatever success means to you, the first priority is understanding what your goals are. With a careful planning, you'll be able to best understand what you want and how you want to get there. Here is 6 simple Steps:

Step I: Work Out Your Goal(s)

Brainstorm your goal(s)- keep them realistic and simple. You should be able to sum them up in one or two sentences. You should be able to easily share them with others.

Step II: Do Some Research

You should quickly become an expert in the field of your goals. Questions you should be able to answer: Who else has similar goals to yours? Are the products or services you offer in demand? What resources (including people) can you speak to that may be able to support you or provide insight on what you want to accomplish? Try to think of and ask as many questions as possible! Read up on everything you can think of!

Step III: Assess Where You're Up To:

Where are you at so far? What have you accomplished so far? What skills and experiences have you already got that will help further support you when it comes to achieving your goal(s)?

Step IV: Work On What You Need To Do Next:

Break your goals down into concise steps. If your goal is to "travel to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup," then some steps would be: researching the price of plane tickets, looking at hostels, creating a budget, etc. Simple steps make the goals easier to accomplish.

Step V: Create a Timeline:

When you make a timeline that works best for you, talk stock progress ,, and include breaks. By making a timeline, you plan the actions you need to take within a certain time frame. You can break down your timeline by days, weeks, months , or even years.

Step VI: Revisit Your Goals

Keep track of your progress. Have you accomplished your goal(s) in the given time frame? If not, why not? What can you do to accomplish them the next time? It is up to you to measure success! Good luck and don't give up??