Perceptions of Love: from the eyes of my father

I know what your thinking… who cares about Joy's Dad! Lol

It weird,I never realize how big  the role of my parents have until I really step outside myself. They have so much pressure. Among other things, my parents had a very important role of teaching me what true love is supposed to look like.  I know that might not be the case for other families, but I think they were my first example how a relationship works.

I could write for days and days about their influences (both positive and negative), but today is NOT the day… (maybe later lol)

I thought that my first post for the Perceptions of Love: Summer Series, should be from the eyes of my father. It only made sense that my first post be from the man who started it all. This may have been one of the first REAL conversations about relationships I have ever had with my father.  Yes we chat here and there, but for the first time I got to ask him a bunch of questions instead of just assuming I know his life…. (not he case at ALL)

Thank you Dad for letting me pick apart your heart.  I think you were the first man to ever tell me you loved me…Yup you can't put a price on the love a Father has for his Daughter...Thanks

 Enjoy the interview :)