Organic Influences

Anyone who knows me understands that I am big on organic influences. I believe that my life was intended to create significant experiences. I am constantly seeking.

I seek therefore I am.

Sometimes it is a real problem, because I feel like I am never satisfied until others are. In honest terms, I am a people pleaser. I seek to please others and find gratification from that experience.  My life couch told me that I am a mineral sign.  I see myself in the reflection of others. When I heard that statement, I was a bit uneasy.  It almost sounds sad that I can only achieve happiness or gratification through others.

I don’t get confused, I am not searching for anyone's approval. I don’t need anyone to approve my behaviors. But I do find it very important to improve my surrounds. If something is broken, I am constantly trying to fix it. If someone is hurt, I try to help them find joy.  It is a never-ending cycle.

I know I can never save the world.

I may not be able to improve the world but I think I can help improve someone's world. No matter how small, I believe that  organic influences are essential to the growth of the human race.

I believe that promoting  organic influences can be revolutionary concept.  It is a movement that can inspire more movements. I was reminded  the other day that revolutions often  begin with a single idea. I want to make this idea real. I know that my life will be an example of organic influences.