I am a Black Hole

So I am a Sagittarius and I have never really believed the Zodiac thing. But I must admit, I have always found the connections very interesting.'

Fact: A supermassive black hole is the largest type of black hole in a galaxy

So the other night someone told me that the Sagittarius A star is a black hole.

He begins to tell me that like a black hole the Sagittarius woman tends to bring people together. That Sagittarius woman have a gift of finding connections and bridging the gap. In a twisted dark way, I found what he said very poetic.

Not even light can escape it. A black hole can continue to grow by absorbing mass from its surroundings.The super massive black hole  is formed from the merging of other black holes.

I love observing people and listening to their stories. I love bringing people together. The idea of finding connections between human behavior has always fascinated me. It is truly a weird fascination. It isn't really the behavior that intrigues me but more of the reasoning behind the behavior.

In my opinion it is all about what drives a person. The WHY. I believe it is the WHY that defines a man or woman's character. It doesn’t really matter what the person does or what path they take. It matter less who the person even is. To me the most important aspect of a man or woman's character is the WHY. If I could find a career that would allow me to constantly ask that question ...I would be more than satisfied.

On the flip side the black hole is very dark (duh). While others may believe that a black hole is destructive and dangerous, this guy's argument made me love the very nature of it. A black hole's very existence is defined by its surroundings and the amount of material it can absorb. I think I define myself by the amount of knowledge I can absorb. That knowledge maybe found in the classroom, but most importantly through conversation.

This may seem like a random scientific post, but the concept of the black hole seemed very poetic. Maybe I am weird, but the idea that my very existence depends on bringing people together resonated with me. My very survival depends on that need to make connections. At times the union may seem destructive and morbid .When you really step back and look at the bigger picture, a black hole is nothing less than beautiful.

I seek therefore I am.