Friday Morning Thoughts

Hello Hello!

I am happy to announce that this  Midwest suburban girl has officially landed in the big apple!

I will be working for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF during my ten month  apprenticeship with Public Allies. My job is perfect! I have always believe that national or global change begins on the local level.

I have always imagined this move so differently but now that I am here, it feels so perfect. I am excited to experience different cultures and meet new people. While I loved Miami University, I think this move couldn’t have happened at a better time.

I think it is important to make goals when making a big transition.

In the next ten months I will:

Learn to Cook- Due to the lack of microwave  (I really don’t have a choice)

Reintroduce myself to Arabic- I would love to be fluent in Arabic by 2015! I took a few classes, but I think with a little dedication, I can make this happen.

Do some freelance work- plus others

Get amazing abs- I have to look amazing for my brothers wedding in Florida (November 2011)

Start writing my book- series of relationship vignettes

Today will be an amazing day. My only regret is that I didn’t wake up earlier. Yesterday I spent my day walking around Crown Heights, unpacking and relaxing in my Sorority Sisters Apartment. Today will be epic!

I will be visiting a few museums, heading down to my office and ending the day with some much-needed vintage and thrift therapy.

I love Fridays