Different Speeds that Relate to Different Things

Different Speeds that Relate to Different Things: The Pace of Fashion in The New Media Age

I found this on Highsnobette yesterday.

Miu Miu Musings x Business Of Fashion: The Pace of Fashion was  hosted by Shala Monroque  (Former Editor-at-Large, Pop Magazine) and moderated by  Imran Amed: (Founder and Editor of BoF :The Business of Fashion.)

I found this discussion very interesting because it focused on  The Pace of Fashion in terms of the new media. I really enjoyed hearing their take on the roles of  the modern magazine.  If you have 12.18 minutes to spare you should take a look.

With this new information age, the pace of information has truly affected many publications. At the end of the video Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune stated “I think the answer really is that there are different speeds that relate to different things." “The beautiful images that have taken a great deal of work and have long been thought out, in bi-annual magazines, are part of the mix … but you also want the very speedy things. Now, we’re talking about having different layers and levels, and different speeds. I personally think that’s rather good.”

For more information Check out the BoF article BoF Exclusive | Musing on the Pace of Fashion By Robert Cordero. Cordero never seems to disappoint.