7 Non-Traditional Ways To Give Back

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As Millennial women we tend to look for innovative ways to solve old problems. It is no surprise that Millennials have found an innovative approach to volunteerism and giving back to their community. In The 2012 Millennial Report, experts stated that 49% plan to volunteer in 2012 the same as 2011 while 41% plan to volunteer more in 2012 than in 2011.

Become a mentor.
There are plenty of national and local mentorship programs around the country. Mentoring is an easy way to make a positive change in a someones life. Check out the local boys and girls club, community centers and/or school for way to get involved.

Teach a class or share a skill.
If you have a skill or knowledge of a particular subject that your neighbors would benefit from teach a class at a local organization. Volunteer to teach an elderly neighbor how to use email.

Share information.
There are many amazing organizations doing much needed work. A quick and easy way to support nonprofit work would be to simply educate your peers about a particular issue or program. Knowledge is the first step to action. Don’t be afraid to talk to your friends and family about the good work your favorite nonprofit is doing. Use social media outlets to get the conversation started.