In response to hearing Beyonce's 1+1

There is something organic about this song. The words are beautiful. 

I often equate love with music…

I am guilty of this, but sometimes we believe that love, like music, must be complicated. I always want the struggle. I used to believe the best love came after a storm. It must include a complicated battle. Now, I believe that the best kind of love is like an iceberg. It may very deep below, but at the surface it is very simple and organic. We have been conditioned to believe that complexity equates sincerity. I want a love that is very organic and simple, but underneath its deep in measure(*not complicated in measure).

I love the simplicity of the lyrics. While they may seem basic to most, I know that underneath the surface its deep in measure.

I know it sounds cliché but i want a 1+1=1 complete balance.