1 month

Happy  One Month Anniversary !

So its been one month since I moved to Brooklyn and so much has happened.Its weird but I pictured this move very differently a year ago and then a whole new idea six months ago.

When I declared that NYC was for my last year, I had a hard time convincing myself it would happen. This is a tough city. It is a city of confidence and opportunity. Its a city for those who believe that they belong, but you have to believe. I was so worried
that I wouldn't belong.

This midwestern girl is used to cars, suburbs, Gold Star chilly and Graeter's  ice scream. I honestly didn't know if I would fit in here. I was scared!

I am truly blessed. I needed to stop doubting myself and count all of my blessings. With the help of God, friends, sorors and family, I have found myself in the city that never sleeps. I am not one of those girls who quickly claim my environment as my own, but I can see myself making this place my home.

I don't know if I will be here forever but I like the uncertainty.

I like knowing that tomorrow may not be like the rest. Everyday will be an adventure. While this current life has a strong aspect of uncertainty, I do find comfort in the structure of my Public Allies  (PA) fellowship. (For the next ten months) PA will be an amazing experience.

I have always felt limited in Ohio... The "odd one" or the person who didn't belong. Now I feel like I can be my true self. I think I was made for this city, but I know time will only tell.I am meeting amazing people and I know my phone contact list will soon increase. "Its all about Networking", they say. I can do anything I want in this city with the right connections and a drive to match. I thank God for opportunities and drive.

It was funny, when I told a former crucible magazine staff that I would be moving here last spring, she told me I would never make it.She said it in a joking way, but I could see past her smile. I told her that not only would I move here but that I will do it all on my own. One month later and I am still standing strong ready to grow. I am not scared of this experience and the growth that will soon happen.

Ps I only got lost once! Thanks to my blackberry and my subway apps (spoiled by technology).

I am blessed! I have a great job at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, a great internship at, I am writing a book and I am slowly putting together my portfolio for grad school. Life is great!

Everyone keeps telling me my life is just beginning... That it was a brave act for me to move to a city where only a few know my name.While I appreciate the kind words, I know my present life is the product of my past experiences and environment. 

I have found a way to organize the rambling that I call life and create a common theme. This will be a great year full of growth! I feel like all of my experiences have prepared me for this moment. This is truly a new chapter.

I am a single midwestern twenty-something female taking on the big city.

New York City better watch OUT!

Thank you for reading! Stay toned for an exciting ten months journey of self and exploring my surroundings.